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Best Antivirus Combo to try in 2023


There are instances where we see some windows users install about four or five anti-viruses on a single system in an effort to prevent infection. Is that really necessary?

In as much as you may not agree with me, you don’t need an external antivirus. Yes! You heard me right. Allow me to explain.

Microsoft already protects your system with their ‘Windows Defender’ antivirus (Microsoft Security Essentials on windows 7) which is practically the best when updated. However, some other malware detection tools act faster in detecting viruses especially when present on an external media. Using Microsoft Windows Defender together with one of these usually produces really great results.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn to use both Windows Defender and Smadav malware detection tool.


  • Smadav is great at detecting malware from external media while Microsoft security essentials is great at removing those detected malwares.
  •  Smadav is able to show hidden content of a drive by viruses.
  •  Smadav can be used to scan file system and other drives of your computer while Microsoft security essentials clean the malwares found.
  •  You’ll get the full version of Smadav in this guide. So, let’s begin.

Updating Microsoft Security Essentials 

The first steps to take to secure your computer from viruses is to update the virus definition of your Windows Security (Windows Defender, Windows Security Essentials) but Internet connection is needed to do this. This software has evolved over the years and has had different names hence to open it;
  • Double click on the icon for Windows Security from the notification area. If it can't be found, click on the small upward arrow for showing more notification area icons.
  • Click on 'Virus & threat protection' from the window that appears.
  • OR simply search for "Microsoft Security" to find the software.

  • Click on 'Protection updates' from 'Virus & threat protection updates' item.

  • Click on 'check for updates' and wait for the program to finish updating your virus definition.
Another way to handle this is to allow 'windows updates' update your virus definition since it is included there.

Installing Smadav Antivirus

Installation of Smadav is pretty basic. Simply download the Smadav2022rev148 + key from the download button below, open the .zip archive and double click on the setup file to begin installation.
And then follow the onscreen instructions to complete it.


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