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How to take full webpage screenshot on Android and Windows PC

Hweeeeew! Taking screenshots can be difficult and annoying especially if you need to shoot a long webpage. In this guide, we will talk about taking long shots on android phones and full webpage shots on PC.

Taking scroll shots on Android

On most android devices, taking screenshots have a dedicated drawable (icon or button, which ever works for you) in the notification tray (the view you get from swiping your screen right from the top). On some other android phones, you can use a key combination to achieve this. You can search for the specific screenshot keys for your phone using a search engine but usually, pressing the power key together with the volume down key works.

With that said, let’s get into taking a scroll shot.

First, press your screenshot keys or access the screenshot button from notification tray.

In the next few seconds, look for the scrollshot button and tap on it.

Next is to keep scrolling until you get to the desire point and tap on Done. The image below is a sample scrollshot result.

Taking Full Page Screenshot on PC

Taking full webpage shots on PC can be achieved with Google Chrome. Let's delve into doing this.

Launch google chrome and visit your desired webpage. First step here is to launch the Developer tools from chrome. To do this;

  • Simply Press Windows key + Shift key + I to launch directly. OR
  • Click on the options button at the top right corner denoted by three vertical dots (Refer to the image above).
  • Point to More tools from the menu.
  • Click on Developer tools.

At this point, you should see the developer tools displaying at the right side of your screen like in the image above. Next, launch Run from chrome developer tools but pressing Windows key + Shift key + P.

  • Right after Run > type "Screenshot".
  • Click on the Screenshot button next to Capture full size screenshot
  • The image gets saved to your Downloads folder.

Taking Full Page Screenshot on Android

 Yes, you can take full page screen shots on android but with this method, we'd use Google Chrome. I know what your thinking; why bother when you could use the built-in scrollshot? No? Haha, guess I'm not a magician.

Anyway, the reason is simple. The android built-in scrollshot has a limit and it's not that perfect on some devices yet. Going back to guide, update you chrome browser to the latest version from Google Play Store and follow the steps outlined below;

  • Tap on the options menu denoted by three dots at the right hand corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Share.
  • Tap on Long Screenshot.

  •  Drag the scrollshot indicators at the top and bottom to your desired point.
  • Tap on the Done drawable (button or icon) on the right.

  • Edit the image as you with by cropping, adding text or drawing marks.
  • Tap on Next at the top right corner.

  • Finally, save the shot to your device if that's what your prefer, or share directly from here.

 It was nice having you with us, goodbye for now.

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